Hammond Corner

Der Sound der die Musikwelt veränderte

Willkommen im Hammond Corner

Hello friends of the sound of a Hammond organ played over a Leslie!

Here’s another site that explores aspects of creating that classic sound. Matthias and Tilmann are concerned with compiling and passing on the knowledge they have acquired on the subject.

For us, the sound is the religion, but not how it is produced – we are therefore just as open to the old US originals from the companies of Laurens Hammond and Donald Leslie as to the latest hardware and software clones from all over the world, and everything in between – the main thing is that it sounds inspiring for the person playing the respective device and animating for the listener.

What really impresses us is how many good Hammond/Leslie sounds there are, all based on the same base – even the same settings on the same instruments – yet creating important differences in tonal perception. We would like to understand this and take it a small step forward, both for us and for the visitors of this website, so that we make it easier to analyze certain sounds and thus perhaps generate them a little more easily with the means available in each case.

We are always grateful for input and feedback!

Munich, March 2007